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What Is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is all about restoration. Of the soil, of our health and of the health of the planet.

It is a way of farming that works WITH nature, rather than trying to tame her. It is about focusing on enhancing biology rather than farming through better chemistry.

"Okay - that sounds great," you might be saying . . . "but how do I know if regenerative farming is being practiced or not? What's the list of practices to watch for?"

Good questions for sure! It is so tempting to grab onto a checklist -- to only purchase food with a certain label and to demonize food or companies that might be doing something that is not on the approved list.

This is the system we have now - and the result is that you are being misled in hundreds of ways you don't know about . . . themes will will dive into with this blog.

Are You Ready for the Truth?

The truth is that growing food for large numbers of people is complex. This is because our food comes from many different places -- and each of these places has many different variables to manage (soil types, weather, crop varieties and much more). If you want to know how to accurately capture the outcomes from a highly-variable supply chain, a standard checklist just can't cut it. What is a great fit for one place can literally destroy soil health in another.

That doesn't mean we can't define regenerative agriculture in a real way -- there are five core principles that are universally agreed upon as describing this way of farming (see below). What it DOES mean is that regenerative needs to be seen first and foremost as a mindset shift that prioritizes soil health over everything else -- because that is the base that all other benefits to people and the planet are built upon.

This is why it is so important to know the farmers that make up the supply-chains of the brands you buy from. How can you know if they have adopted the regenerative mindset if you don't even know who they are?

Why Read this Blog?

This blog is focused on helping you understand regenerative agriculture -- giving you examples from the farm and from brands working directly with farmers. We will also shed some light on what we believe is NOT regenerative.

Regular readers of this blog will be empowered to understand the benefits of regenerative farming to your families and the planet -- and find food companies that are seriously bringing this goodness to you.

The journey to fix our food system begins with education. Thanks for taking this first step with us.

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